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Pleasure and satisfaction will now come hand in hand with the unmatched range of adult toys and accessories brought to you by Sex Toy in Bangalore. Being one of Bangalore’s reputed online sex toy stores, it deals with the most innovative, powerful and skin-friendly products that will also boost up your libido and improve your sex life as well. With the prime objective to sustain sexual wellness, this online store has brought different types of toys for different people to meet different types of pleasures. Once you enter the store with the help of a few clicks, you are sure to get spoilt for choice.

Whichever sex toy you are willing to choose, Sex Toy in Bangalore makes your job effortless by displaying specific categories. There are sex toys for men, women, couples and more. Find feature-rich masturbators, newly designed dildos, trendy penis extenders and powerful lubes all here at stunning prices. Girls can make their choice from the collection of lingerie, strap-on, perfume, artificial penis and so on. What will leave the couples thrilled is the bondage sex kit that includes erotic gadgets and accessories for extreme pleasure. On the other hand, those who are willing to develop their private parts can look for penis and breast enlargement creams.

What’s best about these products here at Sex Toy in Bangalore is that they are all medically tested and imported. These toys are moreover meant for personal use and are assured complete safety in terms of hygiene. In fact, the products here are all sold at various cities throughout India. Now, you can also shop for sex toys in Bangalore right from your home. Choose the right payment scheme as per your convenience and place the order for any product you wish. Within 3 business days from the date of order, your product will be shipped.

Why Buying from Sex toy in Bangalore ?

We at sex toy in Bangalore offers the quality , that’s why we got reputation . When hygiene and fitness is your concern then you can count on us .We offer sex toy for man , women and couple . Our sex toys are made up of non porus material like silicone , Silicone holds body temperature well, transfers vibrations without being buzzy, and can be boiled to be sterilized.


Quality is our major concern and we assure that our customer don’t have bad experience after buying our toy .


What do we offer ?

We offer sex toys for man like – Sex silicone doll Fleshlight masturbator and basic sex toy accessories like cock ring and if you go for high then it’s Penis Enlarger pump .

For Women we have exotic collection of toys like – Dildos , Vibrator and for enhancement of your curves it isBreast enlarger pump .